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The power of local

So you have a product, a service, an establishment. You want to promote this to everyone in your niche, and not spend money on people who wouldn’t be able to shop with you logistically. We use a network of local professionals across the UK to smash digital marketing campaigns across PR, social media, content, influencers, and SEO.

We believe all companies should have the potential for digital marketing, from small monthly budgets to hefty investments. Digital holds so much power, and can often be the route to success for small companies with a slim workforce. We’re here to make activity attainable to you on any spend level.

Unlock your local audience

Enquire with us today to see our range of solutions, tailored to your needs and goals. Let’s unlock local.

Our services

We work entirely to our clients goals and needs, and often strategise across varying areas of digital marketing to get the best possible result for each and every situation. Whether you’re well versed and know exactly what you’re looking for, or you want advice on where your budget will be best spent, we have you covered.

Social Media management

We offer packages including analyses, coverage, and full social media management across platforms. Our team of people who are absolute will be assigned to you for social media mastery.

PR + Influencer management

With years upon years experience within PR and utilising influencer marketing, we execute the highest quality campaigns for coverage with influencer, press, and key targets.

SEO + Content

The wide world of SEO comes with stringent best practices and the need for epic content. Learn more about how we shout your website from the rooftops – reaching the exact market you need.

Who are we?

Our team are based around the UK, working remotely. Collectively we have over 50 years of digital marketing experience, and have a wide network of press, influencers, and freelancers across niches. Our freelancer pool spans almost every city in the UK, and our marketing model allows for us to evolve this network out to the furthest corners of the country.

Resource hub

Check out our free resource hub for digital marketing news and expert advice.

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With prices spanning from £400 a month, Social Suss has the solution to grow your business.