Will influencers bring any benefit to my business?

This is a question we see time and time again. The influencer industry has absolutely made some businesses a roaring success, but in turn, there are some kinks within the industry that can put off businesses.

Influencer benefits:

Using influencers will help leverage genuine, engaged, relevant audiences, and point them towards your website or social medias. Whilst there are some signs to be aware of (see the paragraph below), influencer activity should provide an external genuine overview of your company, feeding into your positioning and KPIs.

Positioning yourself as you wish to be seen by your consumers can be a long process, and can be one of the longest journeys to achieve as a company. One of the best tools to help this is to use trusted external sources; such as PR, press, community coverage and influencers. When working with the right influencers, we have potential for thousands of engaged followers at our fingertips, leveraging their audience to instill our goals and convert followers to customers.

So how do we choose the right influencers? We want to work with people who already buy into our product, service, and business ethos. It’s really no point working with people based on following alone, as even a huge pool of irrelevant followers won’t bring you the benefits you need and deserve. No, it’s best to choose people who fully align with your brand. For instance, if you’re a vegan, cruelty free skin care company, vegan cruelty free influencers are a necessity. This can take a chunk of research but it so absolutely worth it. It can be best looking for guidance from agencies like us – if you’re unsure get in touch and we can see the best ways to move forward. (We will never suggest working together unless we know we can bring you value, and working towards your goals in a cost-effective and successful way!)

Things to consider:

Okay, so one of the toughest parts about tapping into the influencer industry can be verifying the legitimacy of influencers. We run a multiple-point check to verify our influencers, but as a start, you should be looking at:

  • Follower count versus engagement – if you’re looking at account with 5,000 followers, like counts of 50 would most be a red flag. Whilst this doesn’t necessarily mean the person has bought followers, you will be getting more for your money by going to accounts with a better of engagement rate. For accounts of 5,000 followers, you would be looking for upwards of 200 likes per photo ideally.
  • Remember the value of the content! Lots of companies look at the follower and like counts purely, but there is so much added value to working with influencers. If they are creating beautiful imagery that you can reuse (with permission) and add to your galleries, this can be more valuable than the likes overall.
  • Check out the comments – most inauthentic accounts will show through their comments. Do the comments look genuine? Is there a good ratio to likes? Are the same people commenting on each photo? Sometimes people use bots or group pods to engage, which generally you want to avoid as a company. Usually the comments will be a teller of this.
  • Finally, you should have a look at the pages of those following your shortlisted influencers. You can see if they are genuine often based on the photo, bio, and follower to following count of each page.

There are some tools and platforms that say they show the authenticity of accounts, but lots of the time this can be based on dodgy statistics or practices. Whilst there are a few which are more genuine than others, it’s always a good idea to manually check accounts to help make your mind up.

Remember, most big accounts will have a few bot followers – it comes with the territory. You can use these tricks to get a better idea overall, or work with a consultancy or agency to fulfil your goals.

Using influencers doesn’t always correlate to instant sales – although this can sometimes be the case depending on what strategy you choose. Rather, influencer benefits allows for brand positioning, consumer awareness, and leads to future trust, loyalty and repeat sales.

Our take:

We have a huge amount of connections across the country, and wider PR connections to help fulfil even the most niche influencer targets. We leverage a mixture of social media, website, community and blog channels to get the most out of influencers for different KPIs. We run a variety of checks to work with genuine, valuable targets who resonate with your brand.

On the other aspect, we treat our influencers fairly. Depending on the campaign requirements, fair pay, treatment, and relative compensation. Chat with us today to see how we can work with you and your influencer goals.

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