About Us

Hey fellow business runners and marketing magicians. (Hey, if you’re not there yet you will be soon!) It’s great to have you.

I’m Emma, the founder and first employee here at Social Suss. I created Social Suss after setting up my own businesses, and seeing how limited marketing tools were for smaller companies. Even the most knowledgeable of us cannot juggle all hats of running a business. The industry was missing an agency that didn’t cost an arm and a leg.

Aside from running my own businesses, I have worked in digital marketing agencies and seen those chunky chunky agency fees. Even on smaller paying clients, the cut the agency takes off the top is – honestly – mental. Social Suss was born to enable digital marketing solutions to all. Regardless of budget.

Our network

So how do we work?

We have a small team of full time employees, with a combined span of over 50 years of digital marketing experience. We’ve seen it all, the rise and fall social medias, changes to SEO best practice, changes to algorithms, the lot. We have worked running campaigns from start to finish across the digital marketing landscape, and love nothing more than helping companies grow and excel.

But our team does not stop here. Oh no. The Social Suss team spans hundreds of experts across the UK – who work with us on projects that best fit their niche and experience. The reason we work with this wonderful network is to be able to get down to the nitty gritty. The teens of Cornwall, the LGBT community of London, the pub-goers of Brighton. We’re here to fulfil local goals no matter where our clients are based.

Why local?

Something so many small companies face day-in day-out is the struggle to market locally. Whether you’re a bar, a bakery, a service or product launching regionally, it can be damn-near impossible to get in front of the relevant people. So many marketing tools are only made for the big players, and much of the investment here will promote your company to groups who don’t fill your target criteria. Small businesses don’t have that to spare, and every penny should go towards truly benefiting the company.

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